Father's Care brings hope and light into this hopelessness…

12,500,000 children in Ukraine
1 in 500 is homeless
1 in 100 is brought up in a broken family
1 in 100 is an invalid

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We need your partnership in order to continue to renovate the property for the rehab center - the Ark. Funds can be designated for some of the following projects...

Current Needs:
We are continuing to provide a temporary home for children from the war torn East. Doing this increases our monthly budget for food, clothing etc. Would you help us meet the monthly budget needs? Winter will soon be upon us here and heating costs have already been announced to be 33% higher than last year. Please consider helping with heat costs.

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By Phone:
Kiev: 380.44.401.8376
USA: 919.786.9920; 404.539.6423

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Father's Care
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Atlanta, GA 30355

We are a United States 501(c)(3) organization.


From The Blog

Double your money!!!

We have some Exciting News. A generous Donor has offered to MATCH allDonations up to $5,000. YES this means Father’s Care will be blessed with atotal of $10,000. This amazing donation will go to continue our mission ineducating, housing, feeding and transporting the children during their timewith Father’s Care. Our ultimate mission is to find […]

3 more children have a family!!!

We are celebrating because 3 more of our children now have a family!! 2012 has been a great year with 28 children being restored to families. We need your help to continue the work! It’s not too late to make a year end donation to Father’s Care! You can mail it today and it will […]

One more family reunited!!

Sasha and her father reunited. It’s hard to believe this year is drawing to a close! We could write a book about all that has happened this year at the Ark. In total, 23 children were restored to families! Here’s just one story…. Sasha is a special young lady with a strong desire to have […]

Home at last!!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h-ge_iaWcQ&feature=youtu.be] When people ask what I do in Kiev, the easier answer now is this very short video.. It show the what, how, why and where… As you watch it will you consider being a financial partner with us? It easy – either via PayPal on our web site – fathers-care.org or mail to Fathers […]

Need to keep the home fires burning…

Hard to believe this month is nearly over and soon “heat season” will begin! The government controls the heat that includes when it is turned off and on, how much you get and at what temperature. There’s no thermostat to adjust. All you can do is open windows if it happens to be too warm […]

Guess how many children were restored to families this summer!

It has been an amazing Summer! We had 13 children restored to families! Can I hear a thank you Jesus??!! That is exactly the reason we are here to see the family unit restored and thriving! Today is our regular “Fund Raising Friday” – will you help us to continue the work? It’s your financial […]

Will you help us?

Are you interested in making a difference in the life of a child? You can!! We are NEEDING people who will partner with us financially and in prayer. If you are interested in being a part of our prayer team, please email me – janeofark@gmail.com or if you are interested in partnering with us financially, […]

Newest additions to the Ark…

It’s been too long once again since I updated this blog. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day these days. Here’s a photo of 3 of our new girls. They were part of a Ukrainian celebration. Stay tuned…more to come very soon…

Christmas 2011

What a better way to share with you what a great Christmas our kids had than to simply post some photos.

What’s happening in Kiev @ the Ark…

winter 2011 newsletter

Getting wired and wonderful surprises!

There is a lot happening here in Kiev at the Ark right now. We are in process of upgrading the fire system in order to meet new code. So I’ve posted some photos of beautiful orange cable and trenches that go to each building for the central alarm system. Needless to say none of this […]