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Welcome to Father’s Care.  We are an organization that strives to provide a healthy, happy and safe environment for some of Ukraine’s most at-risk children.  Located in Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, we function as a credible social rehabilitation and family restoration center—a home and place of comfort for many of Ukraine’s most neglected citizens.

Though each child’s case is different, we primarily work with children whose parents’ rights have been suspended or revoked as a result of their being deemed incapable of caring for children. Many of our children are typically referred to as “social orphans,” as they are not always orphans in the traditional sense of the word. Father’s Care addresses children’s physical, emotional and educational needs first, and then focuses on the potential options for placing children into a healthy family situation.  We frequently provide counseling for rehabilitation and/or employment options for parents, as we maintain that should the home situation be reparable, a child is always best-suited for his or her home environment. However, in circumstances where placing the child back in his or her home is not possible, we strategically try to place children with a caring, trustworthy foster or adoptive family.