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Merry Christmas from Father’s Care
Look what’s happening at the Ark in Kiev!
August 6, 2013

Merry Christmas from Father’s Care

Dear friends and partners in ministry,

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and praise to the Lord for allowing us to be a part of the amazing work He is doing at Father’s Care/the Ark in Kyiv, Ukraine! We are an organization that strives to provide a healthy, happy, safe and loving environment for some of Ukraine’s most at-risk children.  Located in the capital city of Kyiv, we function as a credible social rehabilitation and family restoration center – a home and place of comfort for many of Ukraine’s most neglected citizens.

This year over 50 children have lived at the Ark and, of those, 26 have already been restored to families.  We currently have 11 boys and 13 girls.  Please pray for their health, our health and the health of all the staff.

Early in the summer we were blessed to have a group of 14 volunteers come from Atlanta, Virginia and Florida who stayed with us for a week!  Actually, two stayed for the whole summer!  They did a VBS program, cut grass and played sports every evening with the children.   We love having volunteers come!  Let us know if you are interested.

Later in the summer we began and completed renovation of the boy’s dormitory.  The boys will be moving back in this week! It involved replacing all the sheetrock on the walls, repairing some floor beams and purchasing new wardrobes.  We also made an isolation room for children who are sick.  Like any construction project there were unexpected challenges.  Once the sheetrock was removed the inspectors required the heating pipes be replaced.  This, along with other required upgrades, forced us to use more than $20,000 of our reserves.  Winter is upon us and we are grateful for the new heating system, however the cost to provide the heat has more than doubled!  We are required to pay one month in advance for heat of approximately $7,000.  Further, the Fire Marshall has ordered fire alarm system adjustments of approximately $8,000.

Father’s Care is completely sustained by the gifts of private donors.  Our work is possible because of friends like you who care for the hurting and respond generously to this ministry.  We find ourselves with more financial needs this December than we can remember.  We need to replace our reserve by at least $25,000.  Thank you for YOUR prayers and financial support. Your faithfulness means so much to us!

As you make your 2017 year-end giving plans, would you please consider making a contribution to Father’s Care, Inc.  Also, for those over 70 ½ you may be able to make a tax-free distribution from your IRA up to a limit of $100,000.  Our prayer is that we would be able to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child who comes to live at the Ark.

Thank you, again.  God bless you and Merry Christmas!

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