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Need to keep the home fires burning…
Guess how many children were restored to families this summer!
September 21, 2012
Home at last!!
December 4, 2012

Need to keep the home fires burning…

Hard to believe this month is nearly over and soon “heat season” will begin! The government controls the heat that includes when it is turned off and on, how much you get and at what temperature. There’s no thermostat to adjust. All you can do is open windows if it happens to be too warm (and that’s generally NOT the case!) or put on more clothes and blankets to stay warm.

We’re looking for folks who would like to “keep the home fires burning” so to speak. No, we don’t have a fireplace – not allowed! So for FUND RAISING FRIDAY we’re looking for folks who would like to “throw another log on” and keep the heat coming. Would that be you?
If so, there’s 2 ways to join us – either go to our web site and you’ll see the donate button or send a check to Fathers Care; PO Box 52989; Atlanta, GA 30355.

Thanks for reading this and praying for us!! Please consider partnering with us.

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