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Songs Across the Storm
Just exactly what does it mean?
June 3, 2009
Summer teams
June 30, 2009

Songs Across the Storm

I can across this verse recently and thought it was well worth sharing with many. As I read it my heart was deeply touched with a heart piercing reminder that really no matter what is happening in my life, nevertheless, God’s love and His assuring voice strums gently the strings of my heart. And for that I am in awe and eternally grateful. It is a comfort that keeps me going – forward and onward!

“A harp stood in the moveless air,
Where showers of sunshine washed a thousand fragrant blooms;
A traveler bowed with loads of care
Essayed from morning till the dusk of evening glooms
To thrum sweet sounds from the songless strings;
The pilgrim strives in vain with each unanswering chord,
Until the tempest’s thunder sings,
And, moving on the storm, the fingers of the Lord
A wondrous melody awakes;
And though the battling winds their soldier deeds perform,
Their trumpet-sound brave music makes
While God’s assuring voice sings love across the storm.”

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