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Who We Are

Father’s Care is a non-profit, non-sectarian humanitarian organization that since 1999 has been involved in giving hope and a future to some of the 50,000+ street children in Kiev.

Registered with the government of Ukraine the charitable fund, Father’s Care [Batkivska Turbota in Ukrainian] focuses on the restoration of the family.

But beyond the legal, official definition of who is Father’s Care is the real nuts and bolts answer – and that is that Father’s Care is not an organization, but people through simply ordinary people like you who care and want to make a difference in this world, Father’s Care brings hope. We are here living in Ukraine, caring for the lost and hurting children, but without your support we could not exist.

Father’s Care is not a branch of any government, humanitarian or even religious organization, although we will gladly work with any of those that share our vision. We are not underwritten by any grant or fund, and depend solely on the generosity of ongoing donations from individuals and groups. Only the Ukrainian staff receive salaries for their work at Father’s Care.

Father’s Care emerged from the vision of two American women to see the restoration of the family here in Ukraine through the rescue and rehabilitation of street children and children at-risk. However, Father’s Care has grown far beyond the concern of those two to include a staff of caring Ukrainians. We have caregivers, a doctor, a nurse, and teachers and general maintenance personnel.

Through this site we hope to give you a little glimpse of what we do and who we are. Please feel free to write us if you would like to know more!